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7 SEO Tips For Small Businesses

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a pretty confusing yet essential topic for most small businesses, so I’ve compiled some easy to follow tips to give you an insight into what you should consider when creating a website.

1) Create easy to understand navigation links.

Think about making your customer’s journey within your website as easy as possible. The shorter the steps they need to make to find your contact details, to register their interest, or to complete a sale, the higher the success rate. Search engines like Google crawl your website through your navigation links, so if your customers are happily browsing your website, there’s a good chance search engine crawlers are too.

2) Make your website content relevant and descriptive.

When you type in a search term in Google for example, you will see results with a heading and a snippet of the description below the title, which serves as your first layer of marketing. You should include a homepage title and your description should briefly describe the type of service you offer.

3) Get listed on local search engines and directories.

Start with the main search engine players like Google, Yahoo and Bing, then down to the business and local government listings in your area. You increase the likelihood of your potential customers finding you when you make more listings.

4) Have a presence in social media sites.

They add to the number of places your customers can leave reviews on, comment on or interact with, and in turn, their interaction will be exposed to their friends. It’s a great place to gain business via referrals.

5) Create a mobile friendly website

Mobile usage is growing exponentially so now is the time to get ahead in the game. Always keep in mind that SEO is not just a process to make sure search engines can understand what you’re offering, it is a process to make sure you are delivering the best user experience to your customers.

6) Set up Google Analytics

This is an excellent and free service offered by Google that allows you to gain insight on the types of people that are visiting your site. Where are they located? What device are they using when they visit your site? How long do they stay on there for? All this information can help you paint a picture of the users and market accordingly. Use this to your advantage!

7) Choose an appropriate domain name

Small businesses can be notorious for choosing bizarre and wacky names, be smart about your domain name choice. For example, if you’re a local shoe shop called Fantastic Giraffe (that’s a freebie if anyone wants it!), might benefit you more than not only for brand searches but for keyword searches as well, due to the inclusion of “shoes”. Of course, SEO isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of online marketing channels, but its definitely something to consider!

So there you have it, my SEO tips to help your small business become easier to find on the web!

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